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Smörgåstårta - Swedish Savory Cake

In Sweden, these sandwich cakes are typically served on special occasions, understandably, as they are a bit labor intensive to make.  They are popular enough to be available at the local supermarket regularly.  (We ate one at Margreta's in Nävlinge that Lilian bought. It had mostly shrimp on it.) I found this the perfect (as in ready to serve when it was time) dinner for many guests.  Plan ahead, it needs to be refrigerated for 12 hours+ before decorating and serving.

The cake can be constructed in any shape you desire.  I made a simple rectangle of 2 x 4 bread slices in four levels.  If you want to go higher or another shape, you may need to double the fillings and buy more bread.  Each layer is quite rich and dense so servings per cake are high, this one fed 25 easily.

Traditional layers in Sweden include liverpaste and smoked salmon.  I put together egg, ham and cheese layers instead to fit the very American palette of my teen guests.  Most cakes are topped with shrimp but i…